Holy Brew Honey Blonde Ale

5.7 % 15 IBU

This refreshing golden ale has subtle hints of honey with a touch of malted wheat and oats. Holy Brew Honey Blonde has a sweet mouthfeel but with a crisp finish. Balanced and yet not too complex, this beer actually has many lager characteristics, like a clean crisp flavor, light color and good balance between hops and malt. Holy Brew Honey Blonde exhibits a thin malt sweetness, but nothing too dominant, too sweet or caramel-like. All the qualities of Holy Brew Honey Blonde make it a deeply refreshing beer that is perfect for those warmer summer days. 

Holy Brew Brown Ale

7.5% ABV 24 IBU

A Sweet brown ale with a spicy finish brewed with Pilsner, Caramel malts, as well Belgian Candi Sugar. The traditional ingredient of Belgian-Style beers, Candi Sugar adds complexity to the sweet finish. This Belgian-Style Brown Ale is great to pair with food because of its full flavors and complexity. Holy Brew Brown is one of those beers that would pair perfectly with a hearty meal or could easily just be enjoyed on its own due to its robust flavorings. Holy Brew Brown pairs well with steaks, chops, and dishes with mushrooms because the malt flavors in the beer bring out the natural sweetness of the caramelized meats while the slightly peppery Belgian character in the beer plays off the earthiness of the mushrooms.